Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So what DO I do if I see a bear???

This is bear time of year in the Great Smoky Mountains especially now that the blueberries are ripe.  Bears will be foraging and can sometimes be protective of their food sources.  I know that on Andrew's Bald and Gregory's Bald, blueberries and huckleberries are prolific, and bears are aware of that too.  Personally, I try to avoid those areas that are known for berries during the ripening season so that I limit my chance of running into a bear up close and personal.  I gladly give him "dibs" on what he considers to be a primary food source.  I also carry bear pepper spray in the summer months as a precaution.  Actually, I also carry it as a precaution against two-legged intruders too, especially after a woman was attacked about a month ago on a hike very close to lots of people.  I recently found this video about safety in the presence of wildlife produced by the Park Service and thought it might be worth sharing here:Wildlife Safety Video

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