Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iTrack Spring!

Though bone tired when I left work today, I resisted the temptation to go straight home and take a long nap. Instead, I reluctantly headed out with the bike I had, thankfully, loaded on the back of my Mustang this morning before daybreak. I drove to my favorite bike trail in the area--the Maryville-Alcoa Greenway for what I figured would be very short ride. I almost changed my mind even sitting in the parking lot of the greenway. The sun had been obscured by dense cloud cover, and in spite of the fact that the thermometer on my car said 55 degrees, the breeze made it feel much colder.
Bradford pear trees setting buds
I unloaded the bike primarily because I had driven 20 minutes to get there, and peddled off more slowly than usual. I love to ride my hike between hikes, but today I simply wasn't feeling it. As I peddled a little longer, I began to notice the day's troubles begin to melt away. Soon I noticed surprising early signs of spring--something I certainly had not expected.

Suddenly I had an idea. This year I will take the time to track the approach of spring, my favorite season of the year. The plan, though, is to only do so when I am either traveling on foot or on my Cannondale Quick. Since I usually carry my iPhone with me when walking or biking, that's what most of the photos will be taken with--hence, the title of this little series: iTrack Spring! However, when I hike, I'll have my Fuji XP camera with me, so I will use it on those adventures. I hope to bite my tongue (or fingers in this case) and, for the most part, let the pictures chronicle the advance of this most delightful time of the year.
So, off we go!
Jonquils gracing the edge of the trail
Most folks call this a weed, but it has a beautiful tiny blue flower.
Forsythia in bloom at the base of the Alcoa Highway bridge

This pair of Canada geese seem to be thinking Spring too!

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